Top 5 Tips on How to Write a Great Article

There are many ways to market a business, website or product on the internet, but one of the most effective yet free marketing methods you can do is article marketing. This simply means that you write an article based on your expertise and/or niche. By doing this, you become an expert in the eyes of your prospect or customer. Article marketing has been used for many years but now, with the explosion of the internet, many entrepreneurs are looking for a free marketing method and Article Marketing is by far one of the best marketing avenues to execute.

It’s great that article marketing works very well in establishing yourself as an expert in your niche, but how do you write an effective article? Let’s explore the top 5 tips on how to write a great article that will undoubtedly make your mark on the internet.

The Top 5 Tips On How To Write A Great Article:

1) Set Up The Problem

An article is supposed to educate someone on a particular topic so you must make certain that you describe what the issue or problem is before moving ahead with the article. The more you “aggravate” the problem, the more of an impact you can make with the solution to that problem. For example, if the article is about the lack of leads a business is receiving, make sure you dwell on how if there is a shortage of good leads, then the business could fail or will not turn a profit. Don’t gloss over the issue. Make sure you “drive it home”. Setting up the problem make for a more powerful article.

2) Do Your Research

If you’re going to provide a solution to a problem, make certain that you have done your research. Don’t underestimate your readers. They can tell if you’re “winging” it. A solid educational article stems from good solid research. Scan various websites, Google the topic that you’re writing about, read other articles, then gather this information and write a clear concise and informative article that you’re readers can not only learn from but will, at the same time, position yourself as an expert in that niche.

3) Provide The Solution

After you have done your research, you are now ready to provide a few suggestions that will help your reader solve the problem. This is one of the most important aspects of writing an article and its the sole purpose of article marketing because articles are meant to provide information and a solution. Make certain that your problem-solving suggestions are easy to understand, easy to execute and most importantly, they work!

4) No Grammatical Errors

Ask yourself this question..Would you honestly take advice from an article that has grammatical errors and misspelled words? Your article’s credibility will be destroyed if you don’t make absolutely certain that your article is error-free. Even further damaging is your image as an “expert” in your niche. I can tell you from fist-hand experience that I have read articles where as soon as I saw a grammatical error, I stopped reading the article immediately and moved on. This is common sense folks. Use your computer’s spell checker. Trust me. It will save you big time!

5) Make Your Website Relative To Your Niche

As you may know, every article has a resource box that gives you the opportunity to “sell” yourself by writing a small paragraph about who you are, what your expertise is and a link back to your website. Now, because you have a back link to your site, make sure the article is relative to your website. In other words don’t write an article about how to build a dog house and link it to your website that teaches internet marketing. It doesn’t make sense, your readers will be frustrated, and your article will not be ranked very high with the search engines. Instead, make sure your article flows smoothly to your site. For example, if you’re article topic is on various online marketing methods, your website should contain content about PPC marketing, article marketing, video marketing,etc.

In summary, your article should be educational and informative by introducing a problem, provide talking points about that problem and then offer a solution. If you follow these tips, then you will certainly drive more traffic b

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